The Promises Foundation is a non-profit public charity committed to restoring hope for families.

Richard Rogg, founder of Promises Treatment Centers, established The Promises Foundation in 1999 along with his wife, Lisa. After 20 years of operating a world renowned treatment center, the Roggs wanted to contribute to the community and help those who could not afford private treatment. While the foundation's mission remains broad, the core emphasis is on keeping families together.

After-School Family Group: 2004- 2005

The first project supported by The Promises Foundation was an after school group launched at The Accelerated School in South Los Angeles. The program trained 30 counselors and provided services to at-risk children and their parents. Each 90 minute session was a combination of skill-building exercises and group therapy tailored to specifically reduce the risk factors for substance abuse: depression, violence, and school failure. By using the family group model, 85% of participants acknowledged a positive effect in their students success and parent-child communication.

Miriam's House: January 2, 2007

The second project sponsored by The Promises Foundation is Miriam's House, a 15 bedroom converted convent located in Los Angeles, California. This program fills an imperative need in Los Angeles for residential facilities that serve both low-income women and their children. Staying true to the vision of Keeping Families Together, Miriam's House is a safe haven for children escaping chaos and instability and a recovery home for mothers seeking help.

The yearlong process nurtures the individual needs of both mother and child while fostering the healing process of fractured families. It is not a temporary shelter, though we provide food, clothing and safety. Instead, it is about mothers developing the life-long skills, including parenting and occupational therapy, to lead healthy, meaningful lives free from the confines of poverty and addiction.